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Hi Pinky Punks,

Hmm. You would think I don't have a blog with how often I don't update it. I've had an interesting couple of years. I'd like to fill you in on some of that. :)

I started working for Apple Retail in 2016 and was promoted to Creative Pro about a year later. As a Creative Pro, I got to do the three things I loved: Perform, Teach, and Draw. Every day I connected with people who didn't know they were artists.

It really was a high point, but it also unlocked my anxiety. I have ADHD, and the loud busy environment made focusing a nightmare. When I wasn't performing, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears. One day I had a mental breakdown and had a plan to end my life. **If you ever feel this way please reach out for help. I promise you, it does get better with a little but of guided work.** My family intervened and life started to get a little better.

Then the pandemic hit.

I'm forever thankful Apple didn't let anyone go, they paid us our salaries every single day and then slowly returned us to work once the stores opened back up. But everything changed. My usual job duties were on hold because all classes and performances were canceled. I did everything from sell ipads, to taking tech appointments. I hated it. Then checking a man in for an appointment, he became irritated, tore his mask from his face and spit at me. The security guard removed him but I got Covid.


Four months later I'm finally feeling well enough to go outside. I tried to return to work but discovered I was in a constant brain fog, and I couldn't hold onto any thought. So I had to go on leave again. After five more months with brain scans and The Works, I returned. Sadly I was doing everything BUT the job I was hired to do. And then I got covid AGAIN. Not as bad. 

When I returned I put in my two weeks. I had a job offer to be a content creator for a startup marker company. Everyone was really nice and I loved the markers. But they let me go after six months. I wasn't able to meet their expectation, it was a mixture of mine and their inexperience. I wish them all the success, they are all really good people and really took care of me. The experience was invaluable. 

I've been unemployed for little over a month and I'm not making ends meet, but I couldn't be happier. I have so many options available to me. I've already started picking up side work and getting a couple cool commissions. This also means I can return to doing conventions. I HAVE MISSED MAKING NEW FRIENDS THRU MY ART!!!

I will be appearing at DexLite for all 4 days.

I will also be streaming more often. Please give me a follow:

And Finally, my commissions are OPEN. Please consider commissions me for some artwork. It is my primary source of income. :)

I've also been daily active on my social media accounts. Check out my link tree for more info 

I'll try to be more regular with this blog and let y'all know how I'm doing and what projects I'll be working on. Keep an eye out for a convention schedule (hopefully I can get this to work) and a lot more. Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope to update you soon.

X X O O, give me a kiss before you go!
Bye bye Pinky Punks!

Mina Sanwald


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