So I guess this is the beginning of a new chapter in my artistic life. As of May 2010, I am now a fully fledged struggling artist. That's right, I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a bachelors degree in not only illustration but animation. For those of you in the know about art school yeah I got a regular old BFA.

So why the delay in getting a website up to get my art career a-moving? The truth of the matter is i have really hit a wall. I applied everywhere in Boston with not so much as an email back. Also it didn't help that my job at the time was cutting my hour so much that I couldn't afford to live in my new apartment with my friends. I'm talking ramen or PB&J everyday! So i quit that crappy job and moved back to my native Long Island, New York. I feel really bad leaving my friend high and dry but it's better than living off of them for free and with out the ability to get someone in who could pay rent. For about a month I continued to job search with little luck. I also continued to internship search with no luck, Heh, at least Marvel Comics was nice enough to reply back and give me the bad news.

But you know what, that's the way it goes. Talk to any big time artist and they will all tell you the same thing. They kept hitting walls trying to break into the art industry. They were discouraged and down on their luck. It's the "Catch 22" of the art world. Every place is looking for people with work experience, but you need to work to get that experience. Something always gives, And i'm going to use this blog to show that something always gives.

I'm no professional right now.  Like every other young artist in the world, I'm a twenty-something with a long lived dream I feel I NEED to achieve. And I guess this is me trying to say, "I'm at the begining of my career, not the end. I can only grow from here on out."


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