NYCC Table and Print List.

WOAH NEW YORK COMIC CON HERE I COME! Yep, I'm going back to where it all started. I will be at the booth. It should be right next to Marvel Comics. I'll be at the Booth number 842. I will be there with a couple of the Hound Comics crew.

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Lets get down to the good stuff The Prints!!!! For sale will be:

1) Mortal Kombat Krueger Hunting

2) Street Fighter: Sakura is the Kasugano

3) Poison Ivy's Garden

New For NYCC

4) Dark Stalkers: Morrigan's love

5) X-men Rogue

6) Catwoman (Pencil)

7) Alice loves Hatter (Black and White)

8) Halo: Virtual Love (This I'm VERY excited for this one. it might be a lil later since I am still working on this one.)

9) Jaguar House (Variant watercolor cover)

I will have pictures up a lil later. SEE YA ALL THERE!!!!


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