Mass Effect 3 Midnight

A nice lil pic that David penciled and I colored.
For anyone who actually knows me, you know I'm a huge Mass Effect fan. Heck, if you follow me on Deviant art it's all to obvious how much of a fan I am by the amount of fan art I do. I mean I was the crazy chick at Gamestop that shoved that game down your throat. *wipes away a tear* Ah, I miss those days.  Anywho, Mass Effect 3 finally dropped and I had my own huge plans for the launch.

I made an appearance at a Gamestop on Long Island and had some fun face painting. I'm surprised anyone let me touch their face since I was, well, grossly sick. I also got to share a table with my friend David Kaye. Some of you might now know that he did some environmental work on the Mass Effect 3 multi-player. Also cosplay photographer Baldwin Saintilus was also there doing his thing. There are a lot of photos of this crazy event. When I get my hands on them I will post them up.

 In the mean time check out this article on about the huge midnight launch. by the way, I'm totally in one of the pictures and my face painting handy work is also. BOO-YA!

Geeks are Sexy: Mass Effect 3 Launch


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