5finity Shi card on sale on Ebay

"You know you want me!"

Hey guys. Just checking in. I wanna Let you know I'm going to start listing some of my art on ebay to make a lil extra cash. This week kicks it off One of my Artist proof cards from the 5finity Shi card set. I did this card back in January and had so much fun. She is drawn using watercolor paint, prismacolors and COPIC markers. Feel free to check her out at ebay and help spread the word so I can continue to do what I love. Make art.

Shi card listing on ebay

MMmm, microphone.
Oh also There is till time to enter and win my one-of-a-kind eastsport backpack. The link is above OR you could go to www.eastsport.com/houndcomics

Don't forget about my book!!! The Big Fat book of Luscious Chicken

I think I'm done spamming you now!

Love Mina


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