Korra Cosplayer Commission (confusing I know)

"No one understand my pain. I'm just so beautiful"
I know, I know the title is very confusing. I'll explain. :)

A couple days ago A fan, Lawrence Brenner, approached me with an odd but truly fun commission idea. He was going to be Cosplaying General Iroh II for NYCC. He wanted me to illustrate him as General Iroh II in the Korra style.

Now I'm not sure how close i got it to the Korra style but boy did I have fun with this piece.

How did I do this, you ask? I penciled it out and then went right over it in ink. From there I used grey scale markers to shade. You may notice that his coat looks blue. It's actually just the cool grey bouncing off of the warm (i love the way warm and cool work together) Finally I finished off the piece by dirtying it up with willow charcoal (i haven't used that since college). Sprayed some fixative on it and Vuala, General Lawrence Benner Iroh II.

If you would like a commission I'm totally open for it. Just message me via email or any social networking site and I'll hook you up.

I'm still here.
Also guys my Absinth Green Fairy Card from 5finity/Zenoscope is still up for auction. Get you bids in now, I think this one might be a nasty showdown.

To big head to my ebay page:

You only have 2 days left to bid. I'm excited to see her get a good home.

Stay alive,
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