Albany and a Video

Ah yes, another show is coming this weekend. I will be at the Albany Comic Con this Sunday with my good friend Michelle Doherty. If you would like some more info on the show check out their website at

I hope to see a ton of people there. Come by and commission me... SPEAKING OF COMMISSIONS...

My number one fan, Jason commissioned me a while back for an mini avatar. Kinda like the one of my banner. Well I finished it not to long ago and totally recorded color it.

I hope you like it Jason! :)

If you would like a commission feel free to contact me; I love a good challenge. Up next I'm prolly going to post about the crazy map I just illustrated for an up coming novel... but more on that next time.

See ya Pinky Punks!


  1. Of course I like it! Everybody should get one ;)

  2. That was really cool to watch ^-^ Love the background btw!


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