**2014 Appearance Schedule**

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**Updated 8/16/2014

Where will this magical girl be in 2014? No, this is not the finalized list.this is a work in progress; a starting point. I will update this as I get more information.


March 8th 2014- Monmouth Animania 10am-4pm

March 21st-23rd 2014- Skindustry Tattoo Convention (Copic event)


April 11th-13th 2014- Pax East (walking around)

April 19th 2014- Merion Art Repro Demo (Copic event) 11am-1pm


May 18th 2014- Clover Con


June 6th-8th 2014- Anime Next

June 13th 2014- Brentwood library Comic Con

June 15th 2014- Albany Comic Con

June 27th-29th 2014- Too Many Games

June 30th 2014- Comic Book Drawing Class @ Emma S Clark Library 4pm-7pm


July 17th, 21st, 24th 2014- Monmouth drawing class

July 20th 2014- Jersey Shore Comic Book Show

July 26th 2014- Stroudsburg Starving Artist Expo (CANCELED)


August 1st-3rd 2014- Brony Con 

August 22nd-24th 2014- SaikouCon


September 5th-7th 2014- Meeting of the Marked; MoM (Copic Event)

September 17th 2014- Chibi drawing class, Brentwood Library


October 9th-12th- NYCC (walking guest, Try to find me!!!)


Novermber 9th- Albany Comic Con


December 13th- Inbeon Con http://inbeoncon.com

**That just about raps up the touring year for me. See you in 2015 ;)**

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