Holidays at Inbeon Con and My Etsy Shop

Sorry guys, I lied about Albany Comic con being my last appearance of 2014. The lovely people At Copic Markers have booked me for Inbeon Con, taking place right here on Long Island, New York.

I'll be there selling artwork and prints. I'll also be taking commissions. Come ready with wonderful holiday ideas Thankyou Copic Markers, you guys truly are the best! And thanks Inbeon Con, for accepting me so late in the game.


Next order of business is HOLIDAY SALES. My Etsy shop is open and ready to take your holiday orders! There is a link for it right at the top… or you could just follow the link below!


Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. That's alright. I'm actually glad to see maverick entrepreneurs, such as yourself, make a prescence in as many social venues and platforms as possible. Inbeon Con and Etsy can really work hand in hand in propelling you into a must watch everywhere. Others should try that. Convergence is the key these days, with media simultaneousness and interconnectivity being the norm. Thanks for sharing that! More power to you!

    Donnie Peters @ Wthree


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