Too Many Games

This weekend is one of my favorite shows of all time. Too Many Games! I'll be there in full force selling all of my newest Prints and some new Stickers too! Also I will be debuting my new Zelda Link Between Worlds print and my Overwatch Print. I have not finished the Overwatch one yet... I think my fingers are bleeding. If you follow me on any social media outlet you have seen the progress shots of both of these prints. If you want to be further in the know go ahead and follow my fan page on Facebook or jump on board with my Twitter

I'll update again real soon! In the mean time I hope to see some of you Pinky Punks at TooManyGames!!!

XXOO, Give me a kiss before you go! I'll see you and the next TOOMANYGAMES!!!


  1. Awesome artwork!!! She is very talented!! Would definitely buy more of her work!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. There is SOOOOOO much more art coming. This year has been really productive for me in all the right ways. Stay tuned my lil Pinky Punk! XXOO


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