Infinity Con

Too Many Games was such a hoot. It was so great getting to see some of my very best friends AND also getting to meet new Pinky Punks AND getting visited by some old PINKY PUNKS! You guys ROCK. Thankyou everyone who purchased a print from me or who commissioned me over the course of TooManyGames and DEXcon. I am a little behind on getting all that stuff out but do not worry, I have it all backlogged, You guys will get your stuff once i get back from my next show... which is


This is a last minute show! The guys of this show were sooooo nice to open up a table slot for me. I'll be there with my prints ready to sell sell sell!!!

I also wanted to take some time to once again thank everyone for supporting me, my art, and my let's plays. Because of you There may be a gaming PC in my future (I will still be saving up for my mac, but until then why not stream from PC) Thankyou everyone. There is still so much more to come this year. Stay tuned!

XXOO give me a kiss before you go and i'll see you at Infinity Con!


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