The Sky Pirate War is about to Begin

A quick sketch of Shyni. Meow!
ARRRRRG; There Be a war-a-bruin! 

Last August I went to a lil con in Connecticut called ComiConn. While there I got to meet Everett Soares the creator of Sky Pirates of Valendor. Now admittedly I didn't know if the comic then but, I sure do now. He commissioned me to draw a picture of one of his characters Shyni; a rather sassy cat girl. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the picture I drew that day, it's locked away safely in Everett's uncrackable vault-o-illustrations; his sketchbook.

Fast forward to May of this year, Everett contacts me and says he has a job. He was so please with the picture that he wanted me to draw a short Comic about Shyni (who has since become my favorite character in Skypirates.) I was so delighted to get to draw her again... and this time it was for a publication in the upcoming volume two of Skypirates of Valendor.

I can't say what my portion of the comic is about but i can say it's a really nice side story. We learn a little bit more about Shyni and where she may be heading. I can't wait for you to read it. :)

With that said I'm very proud to announce that Jolly Roger studios is taking pre-orders on Volume 2. In addition to pre-ordering you can be apart of the next volume. FOR EXAMPLE $20 pre-orders Volume 2 (I believe will have my contribution... but don't quote me on that.) and $50 gets you INTO VOLUME 3. Yes, you heard right; The fantastic artists of Sky Pirates will draw your ugly mug (no offense, this is just pirate speak) into an issue of the comic. You want in? go to:

And putt in your orders!

What are you waiting for matey, GO!


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