Friday, December 3, 2010

Comic cons, web comics and Interships.

phew, I really should keep up with this. so whats been up??

Well over the past few months I have gone to two comic cons, began work on a web comic and then quit, and now I'm going into overdrive looking for an internship. first thing is first.

In October I went to both Big Apple Comic Con and New York Comic Con. Both were FANTASTIC. Big Apple comic con is smaller and more personal, more comic centered. While there i got to meet a number of interesting artist, many self published. One of the bigger guys I met was Louis Small Jr. He is one of the first artist to illustrate Vampirella. Louis is a really nice guy and supremely talented in the classic comic techniques. I also ran into a fellow AIB alum there Zack Stella, and oh boy, his work is amazing. You can check out his work at I think Zack is now working on paintings for magic cards. Big apple was a great con, perfect for the just out of college illustrator looking to talk to professionals.

New York Comic Con is so beg it's overwhelming. I went for the huge artist ally. When i say huge, i mean it is bigger than your high school football field. Now New york Comic con has much more than just comics. In fact the most popular part of the con is the media section where new video game and movie previews are displayed. My boyfriend went for the media. While at the con i met my all time favorite cover artist Adam Hughes. I went into total fan girl mode after the experience. Got almost everything signed by him. Also while there i met up with my Professor Jim Hoston from AIB and he was nice enough to Introduce me many of the artist he worked with while at Marvel Comics. Among them was Mister Louis Small Jr (yup, the one and the same from big apple) small world. I was also introduced to John Wellington, an amazing artist. The best way I can describe his work are classic western rendering with Japanese pop culture juxtaposed. My description really doesn't do his work justice so I recommend checking out his site We spoke for a bit and i might help him hand out flyers for his work at the next New York Comic Con. I would be a great way to help him out and market my own work.

Also I got to meet the father of independent animation, Bill Plymton. I was lucky enough to get his autograph and a contact email. I id ask about internship and he redirected me to the staff member that hires for jobs and Interns. Currently i am keeping in contact and waiting for an opening so i may have the opportunity to get the experience I need.  The entire weekend was fun and so very educational when it comes to getting into the comic book and animation industry. If you dont know who Bill Plymton is I recommend you check out his site

So i finally join that evil little site Deviantart. Okay so no, it's not really evil, its rather nifty. My only real complaint is that the fan art is a little out of control, but to each there own. I myself also am a sucker fro drawing fan art. Anyway a little while ago i was approached on DA to join a web comic project. I of course agreed after asking a couple questions about it. I should have looked farther into it. At the time I thought it would be a great way to get me to consistently draw. Unfortunately I got in way over my head. I was NOT getting paid to do this and I was designing 50+ characters that were based on real people. There was not a lot of room for interpretation or deviation. Did i mention that the 50+ was only the good guys, there were about 100 enemies... yeah so I got in way over my head. After only about 3 weeks I realized i did not have enough time for my own work. I'm really thankful that the guy I was working with did not take it hard when I submitted my resignation. I also hope he can find someone with the time to put into his web comic idea. I don't like the idea of quitting anything but in this case I realized my limitations as an artist and just how much time and work I am willing to donate for free. My words of advice are, if you are going to join a big project make sure it is something you believe in. also get a feel for just how much work you are going to have to put into this project. I learned this the hard way.

"We are surrounded."

I'm thinking about doing a web comic based on this picture. I will need to get really motivated to do this. I guess we will see what happens. I hope to have the painted version up soon. check out more at my DA page at
Well until next time. Hopefully the next update will be sooner than 2 months.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Business cards are back in

So after a bit of a drought with business cards I am finally fully stocked again. My design is based on one of my final animations as a senior in college (which wasn't too long ago.) I music video about a star who get ins over his head with a girl on the moon. Really i just animated it to stretch my legs when it comes to run cycles.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I guess this is the beginning of a new chapter in my artistic life. As of May 2010, I am now a fully fledged struggling artist. That's right, I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a bachelors degree in not only illustration but animation. For those of you in the know about art school yeah I got a regular old BFA.

So why the delay in getting a website up to get my art career a-moving? The truth of the matter is i have really hit a wall. I applied everywhere in Boston with not so much as an email back. Also it didn't help that my job at the time was cutting my hour so much that I couldn't afford to live in my new apartment with my friends. I'm talking ramen or PB&J everyday! So i quit that crappy job and moved back to my native Long Island, New York. I feel really bad leaving my friend high and dry but it's better than living off of them for free and with out the ability to get someone in who could pay rent. For about a month I continued to job search with little luck. I also continued to internship search with no luck, Heh, at least Marvel Comics was nice enough to reply back and give me the bad news.

But you know what, that's the way it goes. Talk to any big time artist and they will all tell you the same thing. They kept hitting walls trying to break into the art industry. They were discouraged and down on their luck. It's the "Catch 22" of the art world. Every place is looking for people with work experience, but you need to work to get that experience. Something always gives, And i'm going to use this blog to show that something always gives.

I'm no professional right now.  Like every other young artist in the world, I'm a twenty-something with a long lived dream I feel I NEED to achieve. And I guess this is me trying to say, "I'm at the begining of my career, not the end. I can only grow from here on out."