Friday, December 5, 2014

Holidays at Inbeon Con and My Etsy Shop

Sorry guys, I lied about Albany Comic con being my last appearance of 2014. The lovely people At Copic Markers have booked me for Inbeon Con, taking place right here on Long Island, New York.

I'll be there selling artwork and prints. I'll also be taking commissions. Come ready with wonderful holiday ideas Thankyou Copic Markers, you guys truly are the best! And thanks Inbeon Con, for accepting me so late in the game.


Next order of business is HOLIDAY SALES. My Etsy shop is open and ready to take your holiday orders! There is a link for it right at the top… or you could just follow the link below!


Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yes I do live!

I don't art enough. It's been a rough year for me. I have taken a step back from drawing to get my life in order. Although in the past i have dove further into my work rather than away. Hopefully now that my studio is set up and I feel at home I can get back to arting all the time. 
Thanks everyone who has followed me even thru this turbulent year. There is art to be made!

Love Mina and Ser Otto.

With that out of the way my last appearance of the year is this Sunday!!!
Albany Comic Con

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brony Con

Im at table 1006 along side the great Bunnymation. C'mon down.

Ps Tiny Tina sold out. Sorry guys. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm a FINALIST in the Anime News Networks Sailor Moon Contest

If you follow me on Facebook or twitter this isn't new news to you. In fact some of you found out about this well before I did. lol. I would really love to win this contest! there is some tough but wonderful entries in the top 35. I suggest you look at all of them.

So this Sailor Guardian needs your help! I need votes and I need everyone to spread the word via… any means really. In order to vote you need to have an anime news network id already. Unfortunately you cannot just make an account and vote… I mean anyone could do that. right? SO if you don't have an account be a pal and just share that my entry is there. Every little bit helps. :)


Friday, May 16, 2014

Frag Doll Friday Feature

My Child of Light Illustration got a totally rad Feature on this weeks Frag Goll Friday. Thanks Frag Dolls you are the BEST!!! :) CHeck out their youtube page and like their stuff. These are some talented chicks!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Child of Light

My roommate Dox just finished Child of Light on her WiiU and loved every second of it. She had mentioned I should draw some Child of Light art cause she couldn’t find. I declined at first and said I didn’t think my style would lend itself very well to the in game art and I didn’t think I could draw children. She looked at me like I was stupid and reminded me I did an ENTIRE BOOK ABOUT YOUNG PRINCESS (The Dragon and the Princess: a counting book) Welp I felt stupid and decided to try my hand. This is what I came up with. :) I’m actually really happy with this piece. 
If you would like a copy of your own check out my Etsy store I have them available in 8.5x11 color glossy. CHEERS…
Now if you excuse me i’m going to go play Child of Light. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Up Up Up Date. Pwnmeal!

Holy cow. It was been nuts and I haven't even done any real Arting this month. :( I'm very disappointed in myself. I have a couple pending projects that do need my dire attention.

Firstly is the Ginger Girls Animation. It's still only about 50% there. I need to bite the bullet and get this baby done. All you kickstarted funders deserve that much. I make a promise to you all that by end of May you will have an animation to joyously dance over. Cross my heart, Hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. ouch!

Okay now on to the fun stuff. Rusty Gilligan (the creator of Mac and Trouble) contacted me a while back about some golden age sketch cards for Recollection magazine. The cause touched my heart immediately; all the money goes to animal shelters. I jumped on that project really fast.

 Fantoma, The Queen Sheba and Vooda. All in Copic.

Earlier this month was PAX East at my old stomping ground in Boston. Good old bean town. If you play Cards Against Humanity or have heard of Pwnmeal you have probably seen this photo going around…

Source: maxistentialism on tumblr (yes the creator of Cards against humanity) EEEEEEEK

Earlier this month was PAX East at my old stomping ground in Boston. Good old bean town. If you play Cards Against Humanity or have heard of Pwnmeal you have probably seen this photo going around…
The gents of Cards Against Humanity putt together a marketing plan for Pwnmeal, a rich oatmeal product for the avid gamer. I was totes excited about the oatmeal but not nearly as much as my boyfriend, Josh. He LOVES oatmeal. So our day carried on and we were heading towards the table top area when a photographer stopped us and asked to take some pictures.

You know I’m a huge ham right? I LOVE attention; it’s a sickness really. He asked us to hold our packets of Pwnmeal up for the camera. I did some posing with it cause I’m weird. Then while biting the bag of oatmeal (do you really need to ask why i was biting the oatmeal bag?) I felt something flat and ridged under the rapping. I carefully opened the Pwnmeal package and found my prize. Like a child finding a toy at the bottom of a cereal box I LOST MY BANANAS EVERYWHERE. And that moment was so gracefully captured in the photo above. Yup, you can see all den Bananas getting lost. I just want to say thanks to all the cards against humanity bubs; this is an awesome photo. Thanks to you, now the whole world can look at my big pink stupid head. :D Hilarious.
Yes a lot more happened at PAX East but that is another story.

*exit with Never Ending Story theme*

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sketch Dump March

Just gonna leave these here for you guys to look at. :3

A thankyou to the 200th like on my Facebook page.

Copic Multiliner SPs. I favor .25, .3, and .7.

You can see this full piece at my Deviant Art Page. Link above.

Been watching a lot of InuYasha. lol
A lil bit of Korra

This is what I deal with on a daily bases. Oh to be the Catleesi.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

**2014 Appearance Schedule**

Beep Beep!
**Updated 8/16/2014

Where will this magical girl be in 2014? No, this is not the finalized list.this is a work in progress; a starting point. I will update this as I get more information.


March 8th 2014- Monmouth Animania 10am-4pm

March 21st-23rd 2014- Skindustry Tattoo Convention (Copic event)


April 11th-13th 2014- Pax East (walking around)

April 19th 2014- Merion Art Repro Demo (Copic event) 11am-1pm


May 18th 2014- Clover Con


June 6th-8th 2014- Anime Next

June 13th 2014- Brentwood library Comic Con

June 15th 2014- Albany Comic Con

June 27th-29th 2014- Too Many Games

June 30th 2014- Comic Book Drawing Class @ Emma S Clark Library 4pm-7pm


July 17th, 21st, 24th 2014- Monmouth drawing class

July 20th 2014- Jersey Shore Comic Book Show

July 26th 2014- Stroudsburg Starving Artist Expo (CANCELED)


August 1st-3rd 2014- Brony Con 

August 22nd-24th 2014- SaikouCon


September 5th-7th 2014- Meeting of the Marked; MoM (Copic Event)

September 17th 2014- Chibi drawing class, Brentwood Library


October 9th-12th- NYCC (walking guest, Try to find me!!!)


Novermber 9th- Albany Comic Con


December 13th- Inbeon Con

**That just about raps up the touring year for me. See you in 2015 ;)**

NYCC Artist Alley 2012


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Adventure Time: OMGlob I Have No Reception


New for 2014 a print that asks, "What time is it?"

Of course Lumpy Space Prince would Answer, "Like, I don't know cause this stupid phone doesn't have any reception out here. Glob!"

If you would like to get your hands on this new Print Check out my Etsy Store OR wait to see me at one of my many 2014 Appearances. (2014 appearance list to be posted soon)

Wanna see me at an show? Let me know!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Etsy Shop Now Open

Hey Ya'll,

Just checking in to let you know I now have opened up an Etsy shop. For now there are only prints available but I plan to have original artwork go up for sale soon. Keep checking back.

Love Mina

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm on Boter Cooks Something!

Hey Pinky Punks,

Happy New Year! I'm starting to get my 2014 Con and appearance schedule together. In the mean time learn to cook something with my dear friend Boter on his youtube cooking show, 'Boter cooks something'.

Psst, I'm in it too!