Friday, June 29, 2012

Venus Luv-me chain

It's been a while since i just did an art post. So here you are, all you Moonies out there. Sailor Venus Luv-me chain. Isn't she just so happy?

See ya later Pinky Punks!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hound on

Thats right folks. Hound Comics has caught the eye of the Big man himself. STAN LEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. So we are lucky enough to be featured on Also what is really cool is there is a first look sneak peak of the official Hound Comics Eastsport Backpacks. Cool stuffs!

Go check it out at:

See ya later Pinky Punks

Ordered My Banner

It's about time I ordered one of these. I got a great deal through Vista Print.

Just look for this obnoxious image at Comic book conventions and you will find me. :)

I'll have more to mention later... I'LL THINK OF SOMETHING.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mina Killed the Radio Show

"Is this thing on?"
Unfortunitly my appearances of these radio shows have been canceled. Sorry guys.

Some of the radio shows have been postponed to a later date.

This week and Next i will be making some appearances on Radio shows. ooohhhh fancy. I'll be talking about my book, "The Big Fat Book of Luscious Chicken" as well as my professional career so far with Hound Comics.

Here is th schedule for your listening pleasure:

June 21, 2012 Thursday / 7:30PM
Shameless Geekery

June 25, 2012 Monday (I'll get back to you)
The Entertainment Corner

July 1, 2012 Sunday / 12Noon-12:45PM
The Cutting Room Floor

I hope you all can tune in and listen to me make me look good. :) You know you love to hear me talk... whats that? You DON'T??!! It's okay i understand. Just know Lush from Hound will also be on air with me (I'm just trying to give you more incentive to tune in)

Hope to see you there Internet-ians.

One last thing! This Thursday will be the premier of The Bill Plympton documentary "Adventure in Plymptoons" @ the MoMA. I'll be there to support the film (in which I am in... for like 2 seconds. IT STILL COUNTS!) Come on down and check out this really entertaining look into the life of the King of Independent Animation. For more info check out the Facebook link:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Korra sketch on the Train

Complete with my notes on how EVERYTHING is wrong.
So, I don't know about you... BUT I LOVE KORRA. On my way back from NYC i had some downtime on the train. I thought to myself, "Boy; now would be a great time to practice what I learned from that 'Adam Hughes' vid. I pulled out my pencil and sketch book and this is what plopped out.

But in all seriousness it's GREAT drawing on the train. It helps YOU to build up muscle so you can better control your line weight variances and.. well.. you can draw a much straighter line.

I find I draw better on the train. (maybe it's cause I draw for myself instead of under a deadline.) :)

Till next time

Love Mina

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sissy Gamache Show


This friday (06.05.2012) I'm going to be a guest on the The Sissy Gamache Show!

The Sissy Gamache Show!!!!!!!!

*slaps herself* Okay, I'm okay. Sissy Gamache is a supremely entertaining and lovely host of her own show on MNN. I'm so excited to be asked to come on board and talk. I really don't know what to expect (other than tons of fun) So tune in and check out. If you are not in the NY area, don't worry, they also stream the show on her website.

did i mention this is live? Did I also mention it took me like 15 tries to get the "eastsport backpack" video right. oh dear. I guess this is going to be off the cuff fun. It's a good thing i LOVE being on camera.

LIVE 7:30pm EST on MNN Ch 56 TWC Manhattan & on her website​​


Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a long day looks like

I can't see anymore!!!!

I wanna try and get another Message from Mina up tomorrow. If I don't i hope to se everyone at Super Mega Con this weekend:

I'l be there with the lovely Erica Schultz, M3 writer.

I will have with me Prints and sketch cards and my book. I will also be taking commisions. :)

See you there!!!