Friday, July 27, 2012

Markers & Shows

They are oh so pretty.
Well I must have woken up on the right side of the bed today. I went upstairs and there was a package at my door from Copic. Now I dont know if anyone remembers the last time i got a package from Copic is was a pretty exciting time for me but I knew what to expect. However today I had no idea what I was in for.

Copic gave me this awesome set of random markers. I'm so excited and can't wait to start using these. :)

I guess it's time to share the news. I was recently hired by Copic to become the new North East Regional Instructor. What does that mean? Well it means i get to share my love of these wonderful markers even more. I'll be heading around the north east coast to conventions, stores and colleges to give lessons and teach about all the great things you can create with all these markers. I go in for training in August and I couldn't be more excited to become an official part of the Copic Family. To Copic; Thanks so much for the new markers and I look forward to sharing the creativity.


In other news I will be making a couple appearances.

First up is MASTIC CON, tomorrow (07/28/2012). This is an event putt together by the Mastic-Shirley-Moriches Public Library for teens. I'll be there doing what I do best, teaching about my love of art, comics, anime and cartoons. If there is time I will give demos on how to make a comic book and how color with my most favorite of marker COPICS.

If you are in the area and in the age group check out for tickets. There is only a limited number left so act fast. :)

Finally attending

ATTENTION ANY GREAT ALLENTOWN COMIC CON GOERS: as you know I can't make it to this great show HOWEVER I will be in your area soon enough. :) The Lehigh Valley Starving Artist Expo on August 18th. (that is a Saturday so no excuses) I talked about this show a while back on one of my "Message from Mina" videos (does anyone remember those?) ANYWAY I will be there with my good friend and amazing writer Kissy-chan (Michelle Doherty) If you catch us we may let you in on our lil furture project. (ooooohhhh saucy!) Want more info on the show? check out  I really wanna see all my Allentown fans so COME ON DOWN!!!!

Also I am officially confirmed for NYCC.  Their website should be updated soon with the exhibitors info. Def' look for me. As I get more info  on tables and what now I will post.

I luv ya Pinky Punks!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Korra Cosplayer Commission (confusing I know)

"No one understand my pain. I'm just so beautiful"
I know, I know the title is very confusing. I'll explain. :)

A couple days ago A fan, Lawrence Brenner, approached me with an odd but truly fun commission idea. He was going to be Cosplaying General Iroh II for NYCC. He wanted me to illustrate him as General Iroh II in the Korra style.

Now I'm not sure how close i got it to the Korra style but boy did I have fun with this piece.

How did I do this, you ask? I penciled it out and then went right over it in ink. From there I used grey scale markers to shade. You may notice that his coat looks blue. It's actually just the cool grey bouncing off of the warm (i love the way warm and cool work together) Finally I finished off the piece by dirtying it up with willow charcoal (i haven't used that since college). Sprayed some fixative on it and Vuala, General Lawrence Benner Iroh II.

If you would like a commission I'm totally open for it. Just message me via email or any social networking site and I'll hook you up.

I'm still here.
Also guys my Absinth Green Fairy Card from 5finity/Zenoscope is still up for auction. Get you bids in now, I think this one might be a nasty showdown.

To big head to my ebay page:

You only have 2 days left to bid. I'm excited to see her get a good home.

Stay alive,
 Pinky Punks

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Absinth, Green Fairy Sketch Card for sale

"I could be all yours!"
Hello Pinky Punks,

Once again I have putt a card up for sale on Ebay. This time around the card is from the Grimm Fairy Tales set I did for 5finity back in December.

 This particular card is Absinth the green fairy. To create her I used watercolors, white gouache paint and a prismacolor multiliner pen. I had a ton of fun with this card and would like to send her to a good home.

Bidding starts at $25, or you could Buy it now for $40.

here is the link:

Help a gal out, spread the word and bid away. Thanks everyone.

On my next post I'll have some information of up coming convention appearances and commission openings.

See ya next time Pinky Punks!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mina will be WHERE????

If you follow me on facebook you already know what I'm about to say.

I won't be at Allentown but I will be at one of pop cultures biggest conventions in the US... I'll give you a hint:

1) It's in New York
2) It's not tiny
3) It's NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right, somehow I made it into NYCC artist alley.

Not bad. I think Otto likes it!
I'm so excited... no really; I'm going to explode like a pinata full of candy and children's giggles.
Personally I think they should just save themselves the trouble and rename it New York Mina Con. Right? Cause all of you guys are coming to see me, right?


Okay maybe I let my head get a little too big with that accusation. 

ANYWAY, there is a lot to do before October. I'm booking shows for the end of this year and all next year. If you have a show by you that you would like me to get a table at let me know. I'll do everything in my power to make it happen.

In the mean time sit back and relax and enjoy your weekend. (^,~)

Love ya Pinky punks!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not going to Allentown :(

Okay, okay. You may have noticed my banner has changed from normal to going to Allentown comic to back to normal. The truth of the matter is now I am NOT going to The Great Allentown Comic con. Sorry guys. There was a mix up with table and since i registered so late I was bumped. It's cool I'll prolly be there in November.

You should still head to The Great Allentown Comic Con cause it is a GREAT show. Did i mention many of my friends will also be there. People such as Erica Schultz, the writer on M3, Dawn Griffin the artist for Zorphbert and Fred, Chris Grillo the artist for Ninjas don't Knit as well as the Hound Comics guys.

Have fun and tell me all about it.

There still is a chance I will be in the Leahigh Valley area for another small convention but thats currently up in the air. I'll keep you posted Pinky punks.

 See ya Later!!!!
Wait, my hair changed again?

Monday, July 9, 2012

I failed my own challenge.

Here is the results of the 4th of July challenge. Notice it is not shaded nor lettered. I'm workin on it. I'll post the final piece of soon. For now enjoy the inking.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Hey Pinky Punks,

Just want to say Happy 4th of July. I'm staying in Boston for this holiday. Can't wait to see some some fiya woks (fire works in Bostonian) lol

To honor our independence tonight I have issued a challenged to my friend, Boston illustrator Beth Vargas to draw a one page Comic about playing Mass Effect. I know, I know; what does that have to do with Independence day? well not much other than I love the 4th of July and Mass Effect. I'll post the result of our lil challange.

If you also want to join in the fun email me your creations, I will gladly put them up here.

Anyway Happy 4th and...


ALSO I'll see you at my next show in Allentown PA.