Not going to Allentown :(

Okay, okay. You may have noticed my banner has changed from normal to going to Allentown comic to back to normal. The truth of the matter is now I am NOT going to The Great Allentown Comic con. Sorry guys. There was a mix up with table and since i registered so late I was bumped. It's cool I'll prolly be there in November.

You should still head to The Great Allentown Comic Con cause it is a GREAT show. Did i mention many of my friends will also be there. People such as Erica Schultz, the writer on M3, Dawn Griffin the artist for Zorphbert and Fred, Chris Grillo the artist for Ninjas don't Knit as well as the Hound Comics guys.

Have fun and tell me all about it.

There still is a chance I will be in the Leahigh Valley area for another small convention but thats currently up in the air. I'll keep you posted Pinky punks.

 See ya Later!!!!
Wait, my hair changed again?


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