New Zelda Art

Hey-yo Pinky Punks!

It’s been a long time but I have some new art for you. Hot off the presses of Procreate from my new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil... Zelda from Breath of the Wild. 😸

'BOW Zelda'' -Mina Sanwald 2018

It’s pretty crazy how far I have come with my work... I should hopefully have this availed as a print soon in my Etsy shop. And if this proves to be popular maybe I’ll Make one for Ganon and Link.

If you want to see some work in progress, I am working on The Ginger Girls animation almost every night over at my twitch channel.

Keep your eyes pealed. There is soooo much work coming your way.

Toodles!!! XXOO Give me a 😘 before you go!!!


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