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Life Update

Dirty lil trash panda Hi Pinky Punks, Hmm. You would think I don't have a blog with how often I don't update it. I've had an interesting couple of years. I'd like to fill you in on some of that. :) I started working for Apple Retail in 2016 and was promoted to Creative Pro about a year later. As a Creative Pro, I got to do the three things I loved: Perform, Teach, and Draw. Every day I connected with people who didn't know they were artists. It really was a high point, but it also unlocked my anxiety. I have ADHD, and the loud busy environment made focusing a nightmare. When I wasn't performing, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears. One day I had a mental breakdown and had a plan to end my life. **If you ever feel this way please reach out for help. I promise you, it does get better with a little but of guided work.** My family intervened and life started to get a little better. Then the pandemic hit. I'm forever thankful Apple didn't let anyone go,

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