Rescheduled Black Lives Matter Charity Stream


Charity Live Stream for Black Lives Matter!!!

NEW DATE: Wed, June 10th @ 8:30pm
Who: For The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation 
What: Chat, QuipLash, Video Games, Art

300% of your donations go towards Black Lives Matters. Yes, 300% 

I’m working with an organization that will DOUBLE MATCH donations (If $100 is donated, it will be matched with $200. Meaning $300 will go towards BLM)

Update June 8th:

I have posted on my twitch page the events for the night. Check it out below, I hoe to see you there.

Notes about the Art segments:
9:00pm - Quick Draw Art give Away

  • Chat participants give me drawing prompts that I do my best to complete in 10 minutes.

11:00pm - Draw From Memory Art give away
  • Chat Participants will make characters from popular media (ex: different Pokemon) I will try and draw them with NO visual REFERENCE. Chat may give hints.
** Art will be done digitally and be made available for download on after the stream airs. No physical copies will be available.**


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