January Art Dump

Sup Punks!

Some highlights for the month of December and January are:

  1. Getting back into Twitch Streaming with Kingdom Hearts and Art
  2.  Hitting 200 followers on Twitch
  3.  Finally achieving Affiliate on Twitch
  4. Most days at my day job I get to draw and share my passion in front of many many many people. Think, giant video wall and I'm mic'd up, Bob Ross'n away. :)

Here is another round of WIP, work in progress, art from the twitch streams:

Started this in Photoshop with my old tablet and decided to go back to it in procreate.

Sailor Saturn fanart


Boter Asked for this years ago and I never got around to drawing it. It's always been one excuse or another. I'm so happy to finally have a clear idea on how I want this to look. 

Mass Effect Fan art of Garrus and FemShep


Because I have started to stream Kingdom Hearts Games on Twitch I decided Richie and I should have a nice piece of art that shows our schedule. It's taking much longer to make this than I want but I'm enjoying the process. 

Kingdom Hearts versions of Richie and myself for twitch


You can follow at www.Twitch.tv/molotovmina

XXOO give me a kiss before you go!



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