2018 Holiday Art Dump

Hey There Pinky Punks!

I hope all is well and everyone is warm and healthy. Happy Holidays, here is an art dump for you! Most of these are work in progress. If you want to watch me in action or just hang out, head on over to my Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/molotovmina

I'm not on too much but if you follow and set up a notification you will never miss a stream.

Mercy, I plan to add tattoos. How badass!

Witcher art I've been working on for way too long. The series should be interesting.

Redrawing a Harley Quinn piece I did couple years back at NYCC.

Pidge from the new Voltorn with a bit of a nod to the OG. 

Thanks everyone for you support over the past couple of years. Cheers to bigger and better things to come. I'll see you in 2019!


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