Appearance and Program Options


Christine “Mina” Sanwald

Appearance and program options for Long Island, New York, New Jersey Area

Comic Con/Anime Con appearance
Duration: full day/as needed
Age group: all
Convention attendees will get the Artist Alley Comic Con experience. With a full display table set up with various prints, portfolios, original artwork and various books Mina has worked on, attendees would think they were at New York comic con. The best part, free pencil commissions for the attendees. 
Fee: $175

“So You Want to Draw a Chibi” drawing program
Duration: 1 hour
Age group: pre-teen/teens
Chibi is Japanese for Mini. A “Chibi” is a mini, simplified anime/manga character very popular among anime fans. Mina’s most popular program takes students through a step by step process to create their very own Chibi. Supplies include a chibi reference sheet, paper and pencils. Everything needed to get started. 
Fee: $125

“So you Want to Make a Comic”
Duration: 3 hours (or two 1 hour 30 min session)
Age group: pre-teen/teen
This is a more advanced drawing course but is probably the most fun and most rewarding. Armed with a real comic script and comic panel paper, Students will get a taste of the professional comic book illustration world. From character design, to script reading, to dynamic posing, this class has it all. The best part, each student will have a complete 2 page comic by the end. 
Fee: $300 (+$25 travel fee for two 1 hour 30 min sessions)

Children’s programming coming soon

“My Imaginary Friend likes Tunafish and Bananas”

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