*cries* I'm so bad about updating

This is going to be a brief post 'cause I'm pretty tired. The big news is I finally landed an internship. And this is no small feat. I landed a sweet internship at Bill Plympton studios in NYC. I am beyond excited and sooooooo happy to be working for the King of Indy-animation. His cartoons crazy and he pumps out these drawings like a child eating the gummy bears (pardon the terrible analogy). The people i am working with are really nice. It's a comfortable atmosphere, feels a little like being back at school. Its really refreshing to sit down and be given a task and catch onto it like second nature.

I will probably post later about the interview process i went through (there really isn't much to say other than how nervous I was) But for now this will have to do.

This is a drawing scanned from my sketchbook and quickly painted in photoshop. I just had fun with it. Till next time!


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