For Reals

I have tried to update this blog a couple times in the past month. Something always came up. ANYWAY, this is just a quickly. Things have a been a bit rough for me the past couple months but I won't get into that here. I hope to change My banner for the blog soon and maybe get some quality posts up. today makes the first day of production of my NEW project. *GASP*

The new banner will have a subtle hint as to what that is.

If case your are all wondering YES i am still interning at Plymptoon and LOVIN IT! Although I don't get in nearly as much as I would like. This summer there will be a couple things coming out by Bill that I did work on. I'll definitely post on this blog what they are when there is an official press release.
*Note to self, make a post about what it's like being an intern for the King of Independent animation.*

Untill next time!!!!


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