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If you have been coming her recently you will have noticed I have added a couple new links up top. Two being my live stream channel and the New Ginger Girls Kick starter page. I recommend you check out both but the Ginger Girls one is time sensitive.

I wrote a while back that I was hired by "Adventure in Plymptoons" Director, Alexia Anastasio, to animate and produce a 3 minute short for her new venture "Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads". I was honored that she considered me for this roll, especial with the huge success of her previous film. Last fall I began pre production of the animation, however due to a lack of funding and schedule constraints (I was on tour with Hound and she went on tour for Plymptoons) the project was temporarily put on hold.

Last month Alexia relaunched the Kickstarted to get more funding. This is where you guys come in. We need the funding in order to get this film out. We need to hit a goal of $3333 which really isn't that big a goal if we all get together and donate a lil bit. Any amount helps!

So get your bum over to the Ginger Girls Kickstarter page and give a little bit.

Thanks so much!!

Mina Sanwald


  1. Beautiful message and project! and the idea of exploring their personalities with interviews and photos is a great idea. Some of the most creative and beautiful women are redheads

    James Morrison


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