If only they knew of the monster they were creating.
I know you like web comics. Who doesn't? But what about web comics that also features pop culture? Oh so you have heard of Penny arcade... okay but have you heard of

If you answered "Yes" then keep reading.

If you answered "No" then keep reading

(see what I did there... no it's not supposed to be funny... you are mean!)

Super Average is an awesome web comic about a bunch of dudes who have... super powers... but they are kinda useless super powers, or at least the way they use them. and among this super powered group of friends is the one average guy who doesn't have diddly squat. Honestly it's a really fun read and updates regularly (yeah I'm looking at you VGcats)

Anyway, the guys over at Super-Average were nice enough to feature me on their site. How cool is that?

Go check out the article here:

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