NYCC Recap

Me at NYCC artist alley table N16.
Wow I'm tired. NYCC was amazing but really taxing. I'm really surprised I didn't get sick. I shared the N16 Artist Alley table with Alexia Anastasio. In case you haven't been following me for long Alexia is the director of Adventures in Plymptoons (now available on amazon and Hulu) I am working with Alexia on her new documentary Ginger Girls. Poor Alexia was going crazy; running between Bill Plympton's table and mine.

Also at my table (only for certain hours) was the Super Herologist, Dr. Travis Langley. This is the man who wrote the book on Batman... No really he did. He is the author of, Batman and Psychology; a dark and stormy knight.  Dr. Langley is also known for college course he taught on the same subject. (Can I go back to college?) It was great getting to pick his brain on the strange relationship of the dark knight and the feline fatal. You can follow Dr. Langley on twitter and pick up his book on amazon.

A commission of my original character, Art
I was surrounded by talent. It was a bit overwhelming. Luckily for me I also was surrounded by good friends. Some of which I haven't seen in a while. A ways down was the super talented Sara Richard ( Her work is getting more and more beautiful ever day. Truth be told I pull a lot of inspiration from her work. Across from Ms.Richard was an old college mate Alex Cormack ( He has a wild and crazy style. Currently he is working with Red Stylo Media on a number of twisted comic anthologies. You know who else has done work with Red Stylo Media and was down the way from me? M3 creator and writer Erica Shultz. I have slept on Erica's couch now more times than I can count. She was there with artist Vicente Alcezar. I met Vicente briefly; Erica keeps him very busy when he is in the US. 

I always say, "When at a comic con make friends with your neighbors.", And thats just what I did! Across from me was the very well established Joel Adams. Joel has done work on Hulk the animated series, King of the Hill and has done work for Continuity Studios. Currently he is doing work on his own brand Lilz. No he did NOT design Monster High. He was a really swell guy who even gave me his new table display. Crazy right! You can check out his work at

Sailor Venus and Twilight sparkle Sketch cards
Next to me was Michael Dolce who is a writer and colorist. He had a really great sales pitch, "Everything at this table is awesome" Hey, isn't telling the truth the best method? You can follow his work at

One of my last sales of the con was SO COOL. I lady wanted to buy my Star Wars cookies print. I did my thing introducing myself and giving her my card and she in turn introduced herself. "I'm Lisa Ortiz" My jaw dropped and I tried not to stutter. Liza Ortiz is the Voice actress who brought to life the english Lina Inverse from my FAVORITE anime Slayers. Thats only one of the many characters she has played. I had met her brother Jeremy Ortiz; whom is an amazing 3d artist, a couple weeks back and had flipped but didn't think I would ever get the chance to meet Lisa. I chalk this up to amazing. Lisa (if you read this) it was a pleasure meeting you!!!!

This is my new set up. Much thanks to Joel Adams for the rigging
And of course I cannot forget everyone who came around to see me. I need to thank everyone who got a print or commissioned me. You make all this hard work truly worth it! It was great meeting you all and I hope you will continue to follow me here on cause it only gets better from here!

Love you all Pinky Punks!

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

First sale at NYCC
First Sketch card commission
The winner of the NYCC tickets from Mastic Con.
"Oh my Glob!" Lumpy princess. She made a poem for me.
Catwoman, Meow
Donatello playing Xbox and er... OMG I KNOW THIS....
Thank you for commissioning me!
starting Sailor Venus
A Howl card

original character

the Howl sketch card came out nice.
 Sorry i don't have a larger image.

Another happy customer.

Gang green gang from PowerPuff Girls.
Sailor Venus

"Dear Princess Celestia"
This is actually at The Lehigh Valley Starving Artist Expo

Missy Cap America
I think she liked it!

My super fan Jason 


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