*Adams Apple update* Post Biopsy

ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
I'm being so candid with you guys...

Had my Biopsy on Friday. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Even with the pain killers injected it was very unpleasant. In fact I think the injection was the worst part. They said I would feel burning... I would describe it more as jabbing me with thousands of needles... yeah, thats pretty accurate.

The Doc stuck me with 7 needles. Moving then around and trying to get good samples. Unfortunately for the Doc and Myself he couldn't get anything good. He just kept drawing blood out of it.

The good news is there is no calcium built up in my adams apple. However because the biopsy was inconclusive we still don't know what this lump is. The Doc says it's time to have it just removed.

I set a date for May 20th to go under and have this lil fella finally removed. Down on paper it states he hasn't decided to remove my whole thyroid or not.  Once removed I'm donating it science. I love Science! (Any of you med students out there better take caution, you may one day handle my adams apple in an experiment) Good news is after a two hour operation I will get to go home and rest up for a week.

I'm scared of the operation and what it may mean for me after. I will have a scar that I have come to terms with. I know if any one asks I have concocted this crazy story about rescuing a cruise ship from Pirates... lol. This operation may alter my voice... that scares me. I'm no singer but I LOVE my voice. Also i may need to take supplements for the rest of my life to regulate my thyroid. I really don't want to get fat... like REALLY REALLY REALLY. (no offense to my curvy friends. You are all beautiful.) So my life may change significantly after this... or it may not change at all. But I will try my best to make it a positive change.

And for everyone who asked, "Is it cancer?" I don't know. But it is getting removed. Maybe I will have an answer after... but really who knows.

I'll see a whole bunch of you in Albany come June and I'll show you my awesome scar!

Thanks so much for all your support. It means a lot... now you guys have to start yelling at me about getting work done... Ginger girls is still not done and I have a book i need to work on. AHHHHHH!!!!


  1. What is the preliminary diagnosis based on the biopsy? (Neoplasm or something else?) Are there Hurthle cells or atypical cells in the sample?

    1. Honestly I have no clue. The only thing I know is the doc wasn't able to pull any good samples.


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