It all happens May 20th plus kickstarter stuff

Alright my Pretties It has come down to this. The count down has began. May 20th is the day of my operations. YAY!!!! My adams apple will be removed. To be more specific my left thyroid will be removed along with the large mass attached to it. If it does turn out to be cancer and if it has moved to my right thyroid the Doc is just going to take the whole gosh darn thing; but that is a worst case scenario.

On the bright side of things

I'm pretty sure i will have a table at the Wizard world NYexperience... just waiting to hear back from the.... I mean they took my money.. so i wanna asume yes. :) oh and as a plus I'll be there with the Awesomely talented artist of the ApocalypZe card game Chris Hanson.

(<,>) SOOOOOO since you can't really help me out with my operation stuff and getting better you could do me a solid.

Blatantly using her operation and sickness to manipulate people to support her friends' kickstarter... (-_-)
**It would be super awesome if you could donate some money to the ApocalypZe KickStarter. it's well worth it... plus you could get some cards from him; HE IS SO TALENTED!!!!

Another artist you could help out is Annie Stoll of Squid Salad. Her art is BEAUTIFUL ands she wants to make some merch and go on a comic con tour....... DONATE TO HER KICKSTARTER WHILE YOU ARE AT IT.


Maybe I will post before I "go under the knife" I just hope the operation doesn't go anything like this->

Okay everyone TOODLES!!!


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