Mmm, Dirty Burger in Philly

Sorry it's been so long. I have been really sick for the past month (so what else is new) On my behalf I did try and post something like a week ago but the blogspot server was down, oh well.

So it happened. Wizard World Philly Comic Com came and went pretty fast. I was with the rest of the Hound there having a good time, talking in up. The only thing I really didn't like about this con was... well the city of brotherly love was not so brotherly... Maybe it was just me but many of the people walking around the con didn't want to talk to ANYONE. But that the only negative thing I have to say. It was a great area, the vendors were super nice and I did get to draw my first EVER commission. I drew Godzilla. What was really weird was all the interviews I got to do. I love being on camera but in many cases I was not ready for all this exposure. It was like being a real celebrity.

The BEST part was the after party at The West Tavern. I'm talking Karaoke, beer and the Dirty burger. Don't know what a dirty burger is? Go to to find out. This party was so awesome I even got to get up on stage and botch a Lady GaGa song. (Who does that?) But no kidding, When Brimstone said no one throws a party like the Hound Comcs gang.

Check out the Videos for Wizard World Philly

And there you have it for now. :)


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