Scranton Comic book convention

First thing is first. MY HAIR IS PURPLE!!! I LOOK LIKE A GENDER BENDER TRUNKS FROM DBZ... hmm, cosplay idea.

So Scranton comic book convention was a very cool lil con. I think the Hound comics video says it best. Etan actually managed to catch me doing my evil cackle. The video also excels at displaying my love of burritos. Enjoy!

Also I've been working on new prints. I have my Alice print almost done, just need to color her. But also I have started work on a very special Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic. I can't show to much but for anyone who follows me on facebook you have already seen the cover in progress.

I think that is all for now. If you want to see more artwork don't forget to hop onto Deviant Art and put me in your "Watch" category. I'll be posting more often.

Love Mina!!!!


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