Semi-October wrap-up and GINGER GIRLS

Phew, that was a lot of work. October was quite a crazy month for me. First the Forest of Fear, Then New York Comic Con, and the Mid-Ohio Comic Con. Yikes, I'm tired. Everything went really great and I had a great time.

I got to meet so many great people. The Guys at the Autodesk booth at NYCC were beyond kick-ass. I have been playing with sketchbook pro since i met you. The program so SOOOOO versatile. For any artist out there who hasn't tried this great program check out  the AutoDesk website.

All you Commission and Print lovers, just gotta say thank you for supporting my artwork. You guys ROCK! You people who aren't afraid of coming by the table and looking at art and the books and asking questions, you are why i LOVE being on tour with Hound Comics inc. Please keep on coming by. I LOVE IT!

I know i really need to post the commissions I did and all the videos that were made but I am still swamped with work. If i can somehow get my layout the way I want it today, maybe later on I will totally post some great stuff.

Before I go I need to talk about the project Ginger Girls. This is a documentary about the secret lives of red heads. Although I am not a red head myself I was fortunate enough to be hand picked by the films producer Alexia Anastasio to animate the three minute opening. I'm really honored. Like any indy film we need funding for this project. So your asking yourself, "What can I do?". Well thats simple. Go to KickStarter and become a backer. Any amount helps us. If we can reach $5000 we can go into full production. Remember any amount helps. :) Thanks everyone

And before I go



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